Rishabh and Karan stop Kareena from humiliating Preeta, Sherlyn and Prithvi to be exposed by Dr Seema's daughter

In Zee TV’s popular show Kundali Bhagya is up with some interesting twist and drama. In a highly intense drama, Prithvi and Sherlyn once again manage to fool the Luthra family. They kidnap Dr.Seema’s daughter and blackmail her to not to reveal about Sherlyn’s pregnancy. Scared and with no option left, Dr.Seema defend Sherlyn that she is having acidity problem. This gives Kareena a good opportunity and she tags Preeta as a greedy girl who wish to break Rishbab’s wedding with Sherlyn and take her place. Moreover Kareena calls it all the planning and strategy of Preeta to trap her son in her innocence and loot them.

Prithvi sign Dr.Seema to keep Sherlyn’s pregnancy a secret. This infuriates Luthra brothers and they bursts out at Kareena for such baseless allegations against Preeta. On the other hand, Sherlyn is relieved that she is barred from being exposed before the Luthra family. Further, Prithvi decides to send Dr.Seema and her family far away so that Karan cannot get hold of her.

Now it will be interesting to watch if Karan will be able to prove Sherlyn’s pregnancy or not.

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