Shivaay crazy love for Anika making him possessive in Ishqbaaz

Shivaay and Anika's love story is one of the most watched and most praised love stories of Indian Television. Where in the daily soap of Ishqbaaz, they are winning viewers and their fans hearts, here viewers will get to see Shivaay's new SSO avatar different from his old arrogant one. Shivaay is getting jealous with Anika and Nikhil's wedding alliance that he plans to cancel their marriage.

Shivaay stops Anika's engagement ceremony as Shivaay makes Anika wear Tia's engagement ring which doesn't come out. Shivaay is on his victory way where he is trying his best to break Anika's wedding alliance and this is up to bring a new twist in the show.

Shivaay and Nikhil face off. Nikhil wants to marry Anika for money, his greedy intentions will make Shivaay alert and then the viewers will get to see Shivaay Nikhil's face off. Shivaay will open challenge that he will never let Nikhil get succeed in his motives and will never let him marry Anika, It is going to be a must wait and watch twist of the show.

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