Tia is new trouble in Shivaay and Anika's love story in Ishqbaaz

In Ishqbaaz another drama is set to happen as Tia is in mood to break the ice for Shivay. Where on one side Shivaay and Anika are coming close, Tia is getting displeased with their increasing proximity. The time has come when Shivaay will realize his love for Anika and in their love story Omkara and Rudra will turn cupid when they will take their compatibility test. But things will take troll when Shivaay and Anika will share a room.

Shivika's new trouble. Shivaay and Anika will be facing uncounted problems when Tia will find their increasing proximity. And so on Tia will dig her mission to create troubles for Shivaay and Anika. But will Tia's interruption separate Shivaay and Anika forever? It would really interesting to watch how things will become more complicated for Shivaay Anika.

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