Kulfi meets her mother Nimrat in Heaven after death an untold truth

In  Kulfi Kumar Bajewala a very emotional track is coming in story line. Susan finally helps Kulfi elope from David's captivity after they visit to the Church for prayer. Where Kulfi and Sikandar finally come face off, Kulfi meets with a deadly accident and this leaves Mahendra and Sikandar shattered in pool of tears. And this will now follow a biggest twist in the show, as little Kulfi will slip into comma and will be declared lifeless.

Kulfi takes her last breathe. Where Sikandar is lost and Mahendra consoles Sikandar and asks him to have faith in God. There Kulfi meets her mother Nimrat in Heaven while she is taking her last breathe. Kulfi wants to stay with her mother Nimrat in heaven but Nimrat confesses Kulfi to return back to her father.
While Kulfi no more wants her father, Nimrat will remind Kulfi of her relation with Sikandar. Now only time will tell, if Kulfi will return back to life for Sikandar.

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