Tevar Kulfi begin a new life and Sikandar settles with Lovely and Amyra

In  Kulfi Kumar Bajewala a high intensity twists and turns is coming in the show. So far we have seen that how Sikandar reads Nimrat’s diary which proves that Kulfi is Tevar’s daughter. Lovely’s big fat conspiracy has finally separated Kulfi from Sikandar where now Kulfi bids adieu to Sikandar and family. The viewers will get to see Sikandar and Kulfi’s painful separation while behind this Amyra will put a condition before Sikandar after Kulfi’s exit with Tevar.

Amyra and Kulfi start their new journey. Kulfi takes promise from Sikandar that he will come to meet her…while here Amyra takes promise from Sikandar that he will never meet Kulfi again. Kulfi and Amyra’s condition have put Sikandar in big dilemma, where Tevar and Kulfi will begin a new life, here Sikandar will settle down with his family Lovely and Amyra.
Let see what will happen next in the show or if it is the climax before the leap.

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