Finally the battle ends between Sunny and Meera, begging forgiveness from Meera

Finally in Kaliren the long lasting twist of Sunny is on it's end. Meera and Sunny are face off where Meera counts Sunny's crimes and Sunny is all the more getting scared seeing Meera's angry woman avatar. While the audience will get to see an exciting melodrama amid Meera and Sunny's face off.

Meera will give open warning to Sunny exposing his awful crimes and the exciting result is that Sunny will elope from there after he loses to Meera.

Meera confess love to Vivaan. Meera will now determine to clear off the misunderstandings between her and Vivaan's marital relationship. Where on one side, Meera's love confession will add twist in tale, let see if Vivaan would understand Meera or he will still remain upset to her.

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