Nancy falls in danger, Shivaay will save her

In Ishqbaaz, Anika demands Mohit to show her some magical tricks. Mohit pleases her by his wonderful tricks. Anika gets surprised. Shivay and Anika applaud him for his amazing tricks. Mohit asks Shivay to imagine a flower just liked Anika imagined a flower. Mohit gifts a cactus to Shivay and tells him that Anika has imagined this for him. Shivay doesn’t like the cactus. He asks Anika to get convinced that Mohit is a great magician. He asks Mohit and Nancy to take some rest. Priyanka and Gauri decide to plan a date for Shivika. They think they have to convince them to spend time together. Priyanka gets the romantic ideas to bring Shivika together. She shares the ideas with Gauri. Gauri is sure that their idea will work. Mohit and Nancy spend some romantic time together.

The couple gets disturbed by Shivika. Mohit asks Shivika about their romance equations and turns them speechless. Anika helps them out. Mohit tells them that he loves sugary things a lot. Anika gets amazed by Mohit’s magical display. Mohit and Nancy share their dinner plans with the sponsor. Shivay invites them for dinner as well. Mohit tells him that he will be late tonight. Priyanka and Gauri work our their plan. They convince Tej and Jhanvi to take some break and go out for dinner. They rush Dadi out of the house as well by excuse of Jagrata. Gauri convinces Anika, while Priyanka convinces Shivay to be ready at time. Shivay and Anika meet at the pool side and get surprised by their sisters’ surprise.

She tells him that they are totally alone at home. He diverts her mind and gets nervous. They have a moment. He compliments her looks. She gets grateful for his compliment. She praises him in return. Nancy joins them and tells them that she has come back home, but didn’t intend to spoil their date. They ask her to join them. Nancy prefers to walk at the pool side. She accidentally falls in the pool and struggles for her life. Shivay and Anika get a huge shock. Shivay rescues her life. They worriedly care for Nancy. Mohit returns home and learns about Nancy’s accidental fall. He thanks Shivay for saving Nancy and his life too. Shivay asks them to take care. Mohit looks after Nancy as an ideal caring husband. Anika gets happy to see Mohit’s loving side. Shivay and Anika have a bet about Mohit’s extraordinary magic.

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