Vivaan doesn't want Meera to revive her lost eyesight, A big Mystery to unfold

In a shocking chapter of ZEE TV popular soap Kaliren is going to unveil a mystery in the upcoming episode. Earlier it was seen that how Meera  goes blind whereafter Sunny once again traps her and attempts to molest her...But as soon as Vivaan comes to save Meera, Vivaan gets the devil Sunny arrested. While now the storyline will unveil another big twist when Vivaan will get Meera's eyes surgery.

Meera hopeless
Where Vivaan gets eyes surgery of Meera, he actually doesn't want Meera to gain back her lost eyesight. The family is shattered while Meera is broken in tears after the surgery fails and Meera doesn't revives her eyesight. Why Vivaan doesn't want Meera to revive her eyesight?

What is the real mystery behind Vivaan's shocking intentions? Let see what will happen next in the show.

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