Vivaan to get arrested for murder charge, shocking twist in Kaliren

In upcoming episode of ZEE TV daily soap Kaliren will witness Sunny's big fat conspiracy to trap Vivaan. Sunny traps Meera where Vivaan chases him in the jungle. Eventually the trio reach near a cliff where Vivaan and Sunny have a major clash, and shockingly when Vivaan hits Sunny, Sunny falls off from cliff and Vivaan Meera assume him dead.

Meera digs out Sunny's conspiracy. And shockingly Vivaan will get arrested on Sunny's murder charges. Where Meera fails to prove Vivaan innocent as he didn't pushed Sunny intentionally, Meera will discover Sunny's evil conspiracy when she will get Sunny's call. Let see how Meera will now save Vivaan proving Sunny alive and exposing his evil conspiracy.

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