Vivaan's knockout plan for Sunny and win back Meera's love

In ZEE TV popular show Kaliren Vivaan and Meera's will face challenging time. Vivaan and Meera's life faces drastic storm when Amar fixes Meera-Sunny, and Vivaan-Silky's wedding. But finally Vivaan discovers Sunny's imposter identity and is shocked to know that he is Roma's son aka his step-brother.

Vivaan exposes Sunny.Amid the wedding mandap, Vivaan will marry Meera where he will lastly expose Sunny. Sunny's real identity will come forth as a huge shock for everyone. Where Vivaan and Meera will finally get married. It would be highly intense to watch how Vivaan and Meera's wedding will leave everyone stunned and if Amar will forgive Vivaan.

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