Another big confusion for Sikandar and Kulfi, new track ahead

In Star Plus  show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, Amyra and Kulfi’s picnic trip with Sikandar Tevar where Lovely is tracking them. Lovely doesn’t want Amyra to bond any strong relationship with Akhilesh that now she plans to part away Kulfi and Amyra. While amid this the confusion between Kulfi and Sikandar is getting more intense as Sikandar is still unaware of Nimrat being the only one who raised Kulfi.

Kulfi and Sikandar’s reunion. Where Tevar thinks that Lovely is Kulfi’s mother and Nimrat only raised Kulfi. Here Sikandar is unaware of the truth that Nimrat raised Kulfi and she is her mother.
Sikandar wants Tevar to get close to Amyra which is their right but as soon as Kulfi and Nimrat’s truth is close to get unfold forth Sikandar. Will Sikandar and Kulfi ever reunite? Or the truth will remain secret?

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