Disturbed Ishita tortured Pihu,Raman in shock

In upcoming episode of Star Plus popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein will showcase high voltage drama. It seems Ishita  is bearing much stress to save their Bhalla Company shares. Sudha is leaving no stone unturned to take over the company shares by paying double amount. Ishita makes plan with Romi  to buy the shares from the clients and not let Sudha takeover their company. Ishita is trying to handle multiple things and amid this Pihu refuses to go to school.

Raman tries to solve Ishita’s disturbance. Ishita gets out of control and being in a disturbed state scolds at Pihu. Raman  gets shocked seeing Ishita’s state and asks her to love Pihu not scold her. Will Raman be able to unfold the real truth behind Ishita’s disturbance?

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