Komolika’s love scandal with a mysterious guy in Kasauti Zindagi kay 2

In Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2, Komolika’s villainous entry in Anurag Prerna’s destined love story is still not ignore-able. As per the track, Naveen introduces Komolika to Mohini and family where Mohini is much impressed with Komolika and finds her perfect for Anurag. Meanwhile, Komolika comes to meet her boyfriend Gaurav who is going to commit suicide in her love.

Komolika Anurag Prerna’s love triangle.Komolika and Gaurav’s love relationship will bring a turning point in the storyline. Furthermore, Komolika will fall in love with Anurag where after she will break up with Gaurav to get Anurag. It will be highly intense to watch how Komolika and Gaurav’s love relationship will add a big twist in Komolika, Anurag, Prerna's love tale.

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