Naveen’s real motive behind marrying with Prerna unveiled

In upcoming episode of Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2 will unveil Naveen's real motive behind marrying Prerna. Mohini got irked with Prerna after Anurag gets arrested in Kirti's kidnapping case.
Where Mohini puts a shocking condition forth Naveen and asks him to either choose her or Prerna, Naveen will shockingly choose Prerna which will give another shock to Mohini.

The situation will now get more complicated and Mohini's hatred for Prerna will get more intense. But there a big truth will come out when Naveen will meet Komolika's father Siddhant Choubey.

Siddhant and Naveen's sex racket trap for Prerna. Naveen is planning to sell off Prerna to Siddhant with a purpose to earn huge amount of money from Siddhant who is involved in this illegal scandal.
Where Prerna will soon get stuck in sex racket.It would be highly intense to watch if Anurag could save Prerna before it gets too late,

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