OMG not Shivaay but Priyanka killed Tej, big truth to be unveil

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus popular show Ishqbaaz viewers will get to see interesting drama as not Shivaay but Priyanka killed Tej big truth to unfold soon. Soon in the series to come viewers will get to witness major twist in tale as Shivaay did not kill Tej but his own daughter Priyanka did. Shivaay was about to shoot Tej but Priyanka failed to digest the fact about Tej being so evil that he was ready to kill his own sons and blame Shivaay.

Priyanka thus shoots Tej but she gets a nightmare about residing in jail. Shivaay cannot let anything to happen to his siblings and cannot see them in pain. Shivaay took over blame on self for saving Priyanka. Thus Shivaay took over the entire blame on self saving Priyanka. Let’s see how this truth revelation brings change in Oberoi family.

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