Shivaay's big step to give Divorce to Anika, Second Marriage for Shivaay

In Ishqbaaz, Shivaay and Anika’s marital relationship is finally going to witness a drastic havoc amid Shivaay’s stupid tricks. Shivaay wants to earn Anika’s hatred as he wants to keep Anika away from his familial problems and his issues. Where Anika is already sensing Shivaay’s weird and rude attitude towards her. Anika faces a big shocker when Shivaay brings a new girl Tara to Oberoi Mansion and introduces her to Anika.

Shivaay’s big step against Anika. Shivaay will soon handover divorce papers to Anika while he will announce his wedding with Tara. Where Shivaay wants Anika to leave him alone and let him tackle his problems himself, Shivaay’s divorce decision will leave Anika double troubled. It will be highly intense to watch if Shivaay’s big plan will take troll on his and Anika’s marital relationship.

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