Vivaan's ex girlfriend Poromita sensuous romance with Vivaan, Meera get worried

In ZEE TV daily soap Kaliren is bringing in a drastic twist in Vivaan and Meera's love story. Vivaan's ex-girlfriend Poromita is soon going to haunt Vivaan and Meera' love life.  Meera finally gets new life after the mysterious eye donor brings new hope in Meera's life, but this has left Vivaan restless.

Vivaan's past unfolds. Meera is getting flashbacks of Vivaan's past where Vivaan is romancing with his grifriend Poromita. Meera is getting scared of the dreams and the flashbacks while Vivaan turns to cheer up her but at the same time he is hiding the truth from Meera that why she is getting flashbacks.

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