Aaliya and Ruhi refuses to divorce Rohan and Karan, Ishita shocked

In the upcoming episode of  Star Plus popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein,  Rohan  and Karan  starts tormenting Aaliya Ruhi to the core. Ruhi is determined to not accept any nonsense while Aaliya is ready to bear for the sake to her family.

However seeing Rohan stooping very low Aaliya also decides to teach good lesson to Rohan. Aaliya Ruhi takes stand for self and humiliates Rohan Karan in front of everyone in cafe.

Furthermore on learning the entire matter Ishita too supports Aaliya Ruhi but rejecting Rohan Karan’s divorce offer. Rohan Karan turns Ishita’s Jamai Raja. Ishita will be seen bringing Rohan Karan house as their Jamai Raja throwing the law rules on Sudha.

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