Another twist to be exposed in Prerna's Sangeet ceremony

In an shocking revelation of Star Plus most awaited family melodrama Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 a twist break everyone's trust over Naveen. In ths show Naveen and Prerna’s grand Sangeet Ceremony at Basu house is going on, Though Anurag has yet not accepted his defeat and is making his every possible effort to expose Naveen and save Prerna’s life. Prerna seems to stay adamant to her decision of marrying Naveen.

Furthermore, Sangeet Ceremony unveils a major confrontation between Anurag Prerna when Anurag sees Prerna dancing with Naveen. Anurag confess love to Prerna. Initially Naveen tried his best to keep Prerna away from Anurag, Anurag somehow finds way to contact Prerna.

Jealous Anurag confesses his concern for Prerna and stops her from getting too close to Naveen while he also makes up Prerna to back out from this marriage. Let’s see if Prerna realizes Anurag’s love before it gets too late.

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