Ishita to create new problems for Rohan and Karan

In Star Plus popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is showcasing interesting twist and turn.
It was earlier seen that Rohan and Karan  demands divorce from Aaliya and Ruhi. Rohan and Karan blame Aaliya and Ruhi for entire mess up in their life and thus wants to free self. However Ruhi and Aaliya are not in favour to divorce their husband.

Thus Ishita applies her smartness as usual where she introduces the beautiful law which is unknown to people. Rohan Karan new servants of Bhalla house. Ishita proposes Rohan Karan to become Ghar Jamai and stay in Bhalla house for six months as per law. Rohan Karan will be seen as new servants of Bhalla house where Aaliya Ruhi will leave no stone unturned to teach them lesson.

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