Nimrat’s secret helped kulfi to know the real truth, calls Sikander Papa

In a twisty track on show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala the viewers will finally get to see Kulfi’s union with her father Sikandar. The time has comes when Kulfi finds the truth herself. Kulfi and Sikandar play hide n seek in Sikandar’s house where Kulfi hides in the room she luckily finds there Nimrat’s locket. Kulfi is overwhelmed to see Sikandar’s photograph with Nimrat’s and thus she realizes that Sikandar is her father.

Kulfi in major fix. Though Kulfi learnt the truth she finally calls Sikandar Baba… But will Kulfi reveal the truth? Will Kulfi be able to reveal the truth to Sikandar after recalling Amyra being Sikandar's daughter? Let’s wait for the next, how Kulfi and Sikandar will unite their blood relation.

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