Ruhi Aliya's new avatar for Karan and Rohan, new twist ahead

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus popular show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein . It seems Ruhi and Aaliya gets on the horse and takes Barat to Rohan and Karan’s house. Rohan Karan gets shocked seeing Aaliya and Ruhi’s new avatar. Furthermore Aaliya and Ruhi presents the wedding carriage for Rohan Karan. Aaliya Ruhi decides to take Rohan Karan in the carriage as per Ihita’s master blaster planning.

Out of the box twist for Rohan and Karan. This is out of the box twist which is shown on Indian Television for the first time. Further Bhalla are going to make Rohan Karan’s life equal to hell in Bhalla house.

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