Anurag rejects Mishika after finding her Family a big cheater squad

In Star Plus popular show Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2, Anurag and Prerna get together to teach lesson  to Shivi's boyfriend. Anurag and Prerna are shocked to know that Shivi is pregnant.  The duos kick mission to inquire about Shivi’s Ex-Boyfriend and teach him a good lesson, while a big shock to Anurag and Prerna, they find that Shivi’s Ex-boyfriend is actually Mishika’s brother.

Anurag refuses to marry Mishika. Anurag realizes that how Mishika’s brother cheated on Shivi and is now playing games with her life. Where Anurag can’t tolerate anything wrong happening around him, Anurag and Prerna decide to expose him. While soon on finding Mishika’s brother evil and Mishika supporting her brother, Anurag rejects Mishika and refuses to marry her.

Will Mohini gulp Anurag’s decision? What will Anurag Prerna do and what will be Komolika's reaction to Anurag's rejection for her sister Mishika?

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