Anurag to hold broken Prerna's hand, Shivi to die soon

In Kasauti Zindagi Kay2, we earlier seen that, how Shivi commits suicide after her Ex-Boyfriend returns and calls her. Where Prerna is brokendown seeing Shivi in critical state, she first contats Anurag for his help while Anurag rushes to see Prerna and Shivi. Anurag and Prerna rush Shivi to hospital while Prerna is devastated with what all happened to her little sister Shivi.

Anurag hugs Prerna. Anurag gets teary eyed seeing Prerna broken and thus hugs her back in her toughest times. Prerna cries bitterly seeing Shivi’s critical state while then only Anurag turns her support system and consoles her. It will be quite interesting to watch how this serious accident brings Anurag close to Prerna while how they will find out the truth.
Will Shivi survive or she will die?

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