Anurag's faces accident by Naveen, Prerna's deadly step to save him

Another twist is coming in storyline of Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2. It was earlier seen that how Anurag continues his hunt for the evidences against Naveen.  And there Siddharth turns to help Anurag, and finally Anurag and Siddharth get a big evidence against Naveen's ugly crime and thus they arrive to meet Prerna amid her haldi ritual. Shockingly the truth gets revealed to Naveen and there evil Naveen plans to kill Anurag and thus he plots Anurag's accident.

Prerna to save Anurag's life. Evil Villain drives truck towards Anurag's car while Anurags car breaksdown and gets stuck amid way. Meanwhile, Prerna also comes to know about Naveen's deadly conspiracy thus she runs off to save Anurag. Will Prerna be able to save Anurag's life?

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