Finally Shivaay and Anika’s Ishqbaazi ends with the show Ishqbaaz

Finally Star Plus popular show Ishqbaaz has finally come to it's an end. On the last episode of Ishqbaaz we got to see that Shivaay somehow managed to reach the location where Anika was trapped. Shivaay witnesses Anika in a locked room. Unfortunately fails to see her targeted with a bullet which will blast if he opens the door. Shivaay with Rudra’s help break opens the door which leads to a big blast.

Shivaay believes Anika is dead but reality is something else. Shivaay sits shattered seeing Anika no more while Rudra and Bhavya too break down. In real Anika was not captive in that suspicious room but a misleading dummy was kept so that Shivaay believes that Anika is dead.

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