Prerna shocked with murder of her sister shivi, another evil entry

In Star Plus leading show Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2 brings anotherstorm in Prerna's life. Following the return of Anurag's ex-girlfriend Mishika, Prerna faces another drastic havoc when she reaches her home. Prerna is already hurt with what all happened in the party and how Mohini announced Anurag and Mishika's alliance in the party. That Prerna breaksdown drastically when she sees Shivi in pool of blood lying unconscious on the floor.

Shivi's life in hell danger. Shivi is lying unconscious on the floor while she cut her hand nerves with knife, her hand is bleeding in hell condition and this leaves Prerna devastated. What will happen now? Who is the one responsible for her critical state? Is Shivi dead or Prerna will save her sister's life?

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