Prerna’s love secret shocks Mohini, Komolika left Basu house

It look like the time is all about to come to where Anurag and Prerna will no longer hide their love from anyone. Prerna has come to attend Nivedita and Anupam's first wedding anniversary party.
While she decides to confess her love to Anurag.  Anurag's ex-girlfriend Mishka confesses her love to Anurag leaving Prerna upset. While she forgets her phone, then only Shivi calls Prerna and Mohini picks the call.

A big shock to Mohini, Shivi asks Prerna if she confessed her love to Anurag while she assumes that Prerna picked the call, the ground slips under Mohini's feet when she hears the truth.

Mohini confronts Prerna. Though Mohini hates Prerna and her family and can never accept Prerna for her son Anu. Mohini confronts Prerna over her love for Anurag. It is going to be urgent call for Komolika as Mohini realized Prerna's love for Anurag, she wants Anurag to stay away from Prerna.
Will Anurag realize his love for Prerna before Komolika to make her entry?

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