Ishqbaaz love triangle, Aditi turns villain and Shivaansh falls for Mannat's love

In Ishqbaaz, Shivaansh and Mannat’s love story has just begun. Mannat is die-hard fan of Shivaansh and thus the duos finally end up bumping into each other. Mannat is very passionate about Shivaansh while Shivaansh also finds Mannat alike his family wants a girl for him. Mannat and Shivaansh are having a very strong relationship as the heart transplanted to Shivaansh is the heart of Mannat’s lover.

But who knew that their love story will not be as easy as we thought of. Aditi turns jealous of Mannat. Though Aditi and Shivaansh have bitter relationship of enmity. Aditi is driven jealous seeing Shivaansh and Mannat together. Sooner or later, Ishqbaaz- Pyaar Ki Dhinchak Kahani will see love triangle between Shivaansh-Mannat-Aditi.

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