Komolika wants Anurag at any how another twist is coming in Kasauti Zindagi Kay2

In Kasauti Zindagi Kay2, Komolika is wishing to get Anurag in her life as he's the only guy who didn't check her twice after first meet. She's hoping that this Anurag is not same as the guy her sister Mishika loves. Now Komolika knows that Prerna too love Anurag that why she wants Anurag by hook or by crook.

Komolika is much impress with Anurag's concern about her. Komolika feels restless and just wants to get close to Anurag. Komolika knows Prerna but does not know that the guy is Anurag Basu whom her sister Mishika wants to marry and love him.


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