Aaliya to forget love words with Rohan gets back to Adi aka Yug

Yug who falls in love with Aliya after seeing her first time now planing every moment very cleverly to snatch Aliya from Rohan. Yug gets support from Karan who wants his brother free form Aliya.
It seems Rohan confess his feelings of love for Aaliya where overwhelmed Aaliya to accepts love for Rohan. Everything was well but then Yug makes his entry to impress Aaliya. Aaliya leaves Rohan behind and runs back to Adi.

Raman and Aaliya believes that Yug is their Adi and gets ready to accept him forgetting that they had performed Adi’s final rites. Karan is very happy as his master plan worked while Ishita wants to make everyone understand that Yug is not Adi.

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