Amyra to die, another break down for Sikandar

As we seen in previous episodes how Lovely sent Kulfi to Baal Sudhar Grah. Sikander is totally braked inside after knowing that Kulfi is his own daughter. He's trying his best to find kulfi and also he's very angry with hole family for hiding Kulfi's truth with him. As per the current storyline, Sikandar is searching for Kulfi while Lovely is planning to use Amyra to stop Sikandar from finding Kulfi.

While soon the Doctor reveals to Sikandar and Lovely that Amyra is suffering from serious organ injury while she is consuming poisonous food. It's a big shocker for Lovely herself who fed Amyra the poison to weaken her health and make Sikandar stay with her.

Lovely is crossing all evil limits to separate Sikandar and Kulfi. While Lovely has heartlessly put Amyra's life at stake for Sikandar, Sikandar also gets a huge shock on learning Amyra's detriorating health condition. Will Amyra loose her life in Lovely's dirty game? Or Sikandar will save her before it gets too late? How Sikandar will find his daughter Kulfi?

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