Finally Prerna starts hating Anurag, Komolika's master to get sucess

Anurag is trying hard to push Prerna away from him. Eevn he insults her in front of everyone so that Prerna may start hating him. It was seen that how Prerna came to stop Komolika and Anurag's engagement in previous episodes. Prerna kept saying to Anurag about their love but stopeed by Komolika who claims that it was just because of Anurag's good and helping nature. 

Anurag said that Prerna's standard could not live out to the expectations of the standard of the Basu family. He then went on to praise Komolika's beauty by saying that Komolika is extremely gorgeous and that Prerna is just a simple middle class girl. Anurag crosses all his limits when he goes on to say that Prerna is someone who can do anything for money. He then says that Prerna got ready to marry Naveen only because she wanted money. Prerna could no longer listen to Anurag's horrible comments and ends up slapping him.

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