Moloy confronts Komolika, Veena to catch Anurag and Prerna kissing in rain

Komolika tries to separate Anurag and Prerna in every possible way. She stoops down to such a level that she has become quite vile and wicked. In the previous episode of Kasautii Zindagii Kay, it was seen that Komolika tried to put Prerna down in Mohini's eyes by trying to poison her. Although Komolika thought that she won't be caught while doing this act, Moloy finds out everything about her and also gets to know that she poisoned Mohini in order to put the blame on Prerna. In the upcoming episodes of the show, it will be shown that Komolika will go to any heights in order to fulfil her aim of getting Anurag all for her. Her evil intentions will bring a lot of tragedies and other obstacles for both the Basu and the Sharma family. In the promo of the upcoming episode, Moloy is seen confronting Komolika and asking her regarding what she did along with Ramesh in their house.

In fact, Moloy even slaps Komolika and tries to make her realise the evil deeds that she has been doing in order to get closer to Anurag. However, Komolika will be seen getting more infuriated after this incident. It has also been speculated that Moloy may even die within some time and the reason for his death will obviously be Komolika as she does not want any obstacles in her path of getting Anurag. The promo of the episode ends with Ramesh leaving Komolika's place and Komolika staring at Moloy as he leaves. Komolika is then seen sending someone on a bike in order to stop Moloy from telling Mohini the truth about the entire foul play which Komolika did. Another scene of the promo shows Prerna and Anurag standing outside in the rain. The two of them are almost about to kiss each other but Veena suddenly comes in and catches them. Veena immediately pulls Prerna away from Anurag and then slaps her.

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