Moloy’s marriage decision, Anurag stucked in new situation

In Kasauti Zindagi kay, Anurag is too sad with the accident that happened with his and Prerna's father. He promised to Prerna's mother to marry her but Komolika on the other side is cooking new plan to snatch Anurag from Prerna. Komolika who made this brutal plan to kill Moloy and Rajesh but luckily both are in Hospital now fighting with death.

Furthermore Komolika proves that Prerna is bad sign for Basu family which irks Mohini to hate Prerna more and more. On the other hand soon Komolika reveals about Moloy’s marriage condition that he promises Komolika’s father to get Komolika Anurag married. Anurag gets shocked with the same and has to make a shocking decision.

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