Komolika's masterplan for Anurag and Prerna will stunned them?

Anurag and Prerna;s close proximity is now pitching Komolika's eye. However Mohini and Nivi is not qutite sure about Anurag's feeling for Prerna but Komilka, She's not in mood to avoid this. Komolika is busy insulting Veena, Prerna’s mother. Mohini too joins Komolika and humiliates Veena asking her to take away her daughter Prerna back. Komolika thus wants Anurag to take final decision where she spots Anurag Prerna playing holi of love.

Furious Komolika thus suspects Anurag’s cheat and asks him to fill her hairline and prove it to Prerna that she is his wife. Anurag Prerna stands shocked with Komolika’s this checkmate. Will Anurag fill Komolika’s hairline with sindoor?

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