Yug and Aaliya's secret romance, Ishita to take step against Yug

Adi's return makes a festival like feeling for hole Bhalla Family except Ishita who is aware with the truth of Adi's real identity. While she is trying hard to prove this nonsense, Yug finds more time to spend with his love Aliya. Now Yug and Aaliya head out on a long drive where Yug’s friends come across.

His friends recognise him while smart Yug refuses to recognise them. However Aaliya blames Ishita for planning something against Adi once again. Ishita fails to expose Yug. Aaliya is not ready to believe Ishita at any cost and wants to spend quality time with Adi. Aaliya and Adi thus proceed with their drive where Aaliya stops Yug and shares tight hug.

Aaliya Yug’s this secret romance turns a state of concern for Ishita. Let’s see how Ishita will expose Yug.

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