Amyra accepts Kulfi with open heart no more enemy

It's been a heart-melting episode of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, where Kulfi finally donates her bone marrow to Amyra and saves her from the mouth of death. After the surgery is successful, Amyra and Kulfi come together as Amyra wants to accept her guilt. Amyra finally reveals to Kulfi that Sikandar knows about Kulfi being his daughter but she stopped him from accepting Kulfi. Kulfi is astonished to realize Sikandar’s helplessness meanwhile Amyra also apologizes to Kulfi for always being harsh on her.

Lovely Amyra Kulfi reconcile. he time has come when Amyra will finally accept Kulfi with whole heart. Lovely will also realize her mistakes and will accept Kulfi after all Kulfi saved her daughter Amyra from death mouth.

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