Anurag behind bars, Prerna to take big step to save Anurag

So far we have seen that how Komolika elopes from Police captivity and reaches Basu Mansion to kill Prerna. But ultimately Komolika herself turns victim to her deadly plan and falls off from terrace while trying to kill Prerna and Anurag together. The unfortunate demise of Komolika will bring drastic storm in Anurag and Prerna’s life when Choubeys will come to know about the accident.

Though Ronit is already hunting for a chance to revenge on Anurag and Basus. Ronit thus gets in action to get Anurag arrested framing him in Komolika’s murder charges. Prerna’s new challenge to rescue Anurag. Anurag will shockingly get arrested on Komolika’s murder charges meanwhile, Prerna will left with no evidence to prove Anurag innocent.

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