Anurag rescues Shivani, Anurag and Prerna's Ishq wala moment

As shown in promo and spoilers, Anurag is able to save Shivani from Ronit. Later on, Anurag and Prerna share some quality time together. Anurag breaks in and beats Ronit for misbehaving with Shivani. He drags Ronit out of the house and warns him not to come near them again. Shivani thanked Anurag for saving her from Ronit while Anurag tells Veena that he was not only related to Prerna, but he had the responsibility of the entire family. Veena blesses Anurag and showers him with love.

Mohini tells Nivedita that if she wanted to continue her relationship with Prerna, she will have to lose Mohini. In the meantime, Prerna learns about a businessman who was showing interest in Basu Publication.

Here, Anupam finds Nivedita saddened by something and asks her to share her grief with him. Nivedita tells Anupam that she had started liking Prerna which wasn’t going well with Mohini and tells him that she had told her to choose between her and Prerna. 

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