Anurag’s anger completely shocked Komolika when she insults Prerna

After Prerna's meeting with Moloy it is saying that in She'll receive her prestige image of Bahu and all her rights soon.  Komolika steps up to bring shame on Prerna amid Moloy’s homecoming party.
Vikrant and Prerna’s close bonding turns advantage for Komolika that evil Komolika insults Prerna questioning her character. But what comes really hell shocking for Komolika is Anurag’s stand for Prerna. Anurag bursts in anger as he finds Komolika pointing finger on his lady love Prerna’s character.

Komolika to get expose. Komolika’s doomsday is near meanwhile her cheap trick to defame Prerna infuriates Anurag at hell. It will be quite interesting to watch what will happen next in the show after Anurag took stand for Prerna against Komolika. Keep following for the next update.

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