Karan to express his feelings for Preeta, Plans to marry her

Karan tells Preeta not to get married to Prithvi as she deserves a much better man for herself. Meanwhile, Sarla flees from the clutches of Prithvi and Sherlyn.

It seems like things will finally fall into place in the last few episodes of Kundali Bhagya. In the previous episode of the show, it has been already shown that Preeta goes to the lab in order to collect the blood test results of Sherlyn. They are the evidence to the fact that Sherlyn got pregnant before meeting Rishabh. On the other hand, Sherlyn gets Sarla kidnapped. She then tells Sarla that neither Preeta nor Shristi will be able to come and rescue her.

Karan, obviously, is referring to himself but being a gentleman, he waits patiently for Preeta to come home and announce about her decision of marrying the man whom she wants to.

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