Prerna doubles Anurag happiness telling about her pregnancy

Meanwhile, Komolika is exposed and Anurag has brilliantly closed her evil chapter from his life.
Mohini and Nivedita feel guilty and regret blindly trusting Komolika while Anurag speaks out his true love for Prerna. Prerna and Anurag’s love on a high peak. The time has come close when Anurag and Prerna’s will finally win their love defeating their biggest enemy Komolika.

Meanwhile, Anurag’s happiness will double up when Prerna will reveal her pregnancy to him. Meanwhile, after Komolika's exit from Basu mansion, the lovely fans and viewers will get to see Anurag and Prerna's moment of love and romance when Anurag will caress Prerna. It will be really exciting to watch Anurag’s reaction to hearing Prerna’s pregnancy news.

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