Prerna to expose Komolika with Anurag's support

Following the latest promo, It's been clear that Komolika will be exposed and will kick out from Basu House but How ? So now we have a clear image of how all this will take place. As seen earlier, Komolika accuses Prerna before everyone staining her character. However, Prerna is already experienced as Komolika had earlier spiked her drink too and took signatures from her trapping her in jail. This time Prerna was well prepared and had a back plan to expose Komolika.

Anurag turns roadblock for Komolika. Prerna smartly exposes Komolika and her evilness before everyone with Anurag’s support. Komolika will try to manipulate things but Anurag will not allow her to do the same.

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