Prerna turns savior for Moloy, smells evil Komolika's intentions

Prerna secretly meets Moloy while everyone was busy with Police. Meanwhile, another major turning point comes in the storyline with Moloy's homecoming. Moloy's return to Basu Mansion brings golden opportunity for Komolika to keep him threatened and not let him expose her ugly crimes. But things take complicate shape when Moloy intentionally drops the hot soup on Komolika's hand and Komolika vents her anger on Nurse while Prerna holds Komolika's hand.

Komolika goes furious at Prerna as Prerna scolds and yells at Komolika for throwing her unnecessary tantrums. Prerna even warns Komolika to stay away from Moloy while this leaves everyone in the family startled. Prerna has started suspecting Komolika's nasty hand behind her Father Rajesh and Father-in-law Moloy's accident that now she turns to protect Moloy from her. Let see how soon Komolika's ugly game will end.

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