Prerna receives shocking MMS of Mohini learns her ugly secret

It seems like Mohini and her dirty secret won't be hidden more as  Prerna will come to know about Mohini's disgusting intentions. Mohini cleverly traps Prerna's Mom Veena in a theft case and also gets her arrested. While Prerna is unaware of Mohini's evil intentions, Prerna visits Basu Mansion to meet Anurag. But there she will end up finding a high wrenching secret which will stumble her to hell.

Prerna challenges to expose the truth. Prerna will finally learn about Mohini's dirty hand behind trapping her Mom in the theft case. Prerna will also get strong evidence against Mohini where she will confront Mohini over her intense hatred for her and Anurag's love relationship.

Mohini and Prerna will have showdown where Mohini will insult Prerna and will also prove her not worth to be Anurag's wife. It is going to be interesting what Prerna will do.

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