Anurag's new spy Avatar in Switzerland to follow Bajaj and Prerna

Anurag who's heart is now broken in many pieces just because of his lady love Prerna. Anurag has finally learned about Prerna's marriage with Mr Bajaj that he is left behind all broken down in tears. Anurag is now turned revengeful against Prerna over how she cheated on his pure love and married Mr Bajaj. But before Anurag could confront Prerna, Prerna and Mr Bajaj head to Switzerland. Thus, Anurag also kick starts his journey to Switzerland.

Anurag-Mr Bajaj and Prerna face-off. in upcoming episodes, we'll see focus on Mr Bajaj-Prerna-Anurag face off in Switzerland and that in Zurich city. Where Anurag will follow them, Prerna will be lost in her old memories of love that she spent with Anurag. Let see what new twists and turns in the storyline will come up with this track.

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