finally Anurag and Prerna's sepration, Prerna to marry Bajaj

Mr. Baja who wants to destroy hole Basu family now happy to see that their Bahu is now going to tire knot with him. It's time for a teary separation of Anurag and Prerna on a high note where Prerna will earn Anurag's hatred. Prerna has accepted Mr. Bajaj's condition and is ready to marry him. Mr. Bajaj as per the promise to Prerna manipulates the case in Anurag and Prerna's favor where the CCTV Footage proves Ronit culprit and Anurag innocent.

And now it's a call for Mr. Bajaj and Prerna marriage. Where Prerna is sacrificing her life by naming herself to Bajaj and cheating on Anurag's love. Will Anurag be able to overcome this trauma?
Coming up track will see Mr. Bajaj and Prerna's marriage and that in front of Anurag. This is gonna be a really high time where Anurag and Prerna's eternal love will come to end amid Mr. Bajaj's big fat trap.

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