Anurag confronts Prerna to fight against evil Mr, Bajaj

Anurag rushes to Prerna after he learns about Bajaj’s accident and Veena’s arrest. Where Anurag meets Veena in jail and comforts her. Angry Anurag confronts Prerna after returning to Basu mansion. Anurag hires an advocate for Veena’s bail. However, it seems that Anurag will have to face tough challenges before getting Veenas bail.

Anurag will confront Prerna and will compel her to fight against the evil Bajajs and ask Sharda to take back the FIR. Where Prerna will refuse to listen, Anurag, furious Anurag will hold Prerna’s hand convincing her to take stand for her own family as Veena is innocent.

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