Anurag protects Prerna and expose evil Maasi

Prerna will soon get trap in an allegation when Bajaj will meet an accident with the falling chandelier. However, Maasi planned to target Kuki. Unfortunately, Bajaj turns target and gets injured.  Now Maasi will manipulate the situation against Prerna and will put all blame on Veena. Where Bajaj will burst at Prerna targetting Veena, Anurag will come to defend Prerna.

Anurag will protect Prerna from the cruel Bajaj family while he will take stand for Veena and Prerna. Anurag will soon come to find the truth that Maasi planned this accident. Where Bajaj and Prerna's marital relationship will face a major crack due to this incident. Anurag will soon be exposing evil Maasi to Bajaj. Let see how Bajaj will react to knowing Maasi's dirty truth.

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